Academic References:

Marcus quickly became a leader in the class because of his self discipline and intense interest in horticulture. He retains and ads knowledge unlike any other student I have ever taught. He is honest, dependable, reliable, with high moral standards.
----Monroe Career and Technical Institute Instructor for 10+ years - Anthony M. Mikloiche

Marcus is able to reason and see the big picture, one of the few students, who was not self absorbed. Marcus also demonstrated that he is persistent and has good follow-through. He works hard for what he achieves, and uses his time wisely to prepare. I have found Marcus to be one of the very few students with good leadership qualities.  Marcus demonstrated this time and time again when he voluntarily gave his time to help out others who were struggling.  He was known as someone you could talk to about problems.  He is a good listener and he used this skill to help guide some of his fellow students at Williamson.   He also achieved at the academic level with a GPA of 3.9.
----Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades Instructor for 10 years  and owner of Wayne Norton Landscape Design
     Wayne Norton

Internship References:

Marcus is a goal oriented individual with a strong drive in Landscape Design. He possesses a strong combination of hands-on skills and a passion for design that will lead to a successful career in horticulture.
----Longood Gardens Student Coordinator - Mark Richardson

My husband and myself  have welcomed Marcus in August and we have been extremely satisfied with his work and behaviour. Marcus is a young man bright, very enthusiastic, full of ideas and happy to talk on them for hours ! When he starts a job, he is reliable and does it with a lot of responsibility, carefully and in depth. Anything concerning the gardens, he know the subject inside out and really throws himself into his work ! Marcus is an extremely dedicated and self-disciplined individual. He is also very pleasant to live with as he gets interested in so many subjects and seems always keen to learn. So, we have really appreciated to have Marcus working for us last summer and we continue to keep close relationships with him, he will always be welcomed if he comes back in France.
-----Owners of Chateaux de Verteuil - Compte et Comptesse Sixte  de La Rochefoucauld

As my intern in the Display Division of Longwood Gardens, Marcus greatly impressed me with his passion and eagerness to learn. He is a hard worker and possesses the drive necessary to reach his future goals. At Longwood, Marcus assisted on a number of seasonal desplay projects and took a lead role in the creation of a waterlily exhibit for our Chrisanthemum Festival. Marcus displayed great enthusiasm and creativity during each step of the process. His varied background is what makes him a strong designer. Marcus has a strong work ethic and is passionate about art, plants, and design. I highly recommend him.
-----Longwood Gardens Display Designer - Lauren Goldstein

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