Timeless   Historic   Classic   Beautiful   Ecological  Charming   Elegance

Chateau de Verteuil
Jardin de Sasnieres
Longwood Gardens
Lauren Goldstein -Display Designer
Nick Nelson -Planning and Design Studio
Mark Richardson -Student Coordinator
Anthony Mikloiche-Monroe Career and Technical Institute Horticulture Instructor 2002
Chateau de Brecy
Monsieur Wirth - owner of Brecy the president of parcs and gardens of  France
Madame Henrion- owner of Sasnieres
Chateau de Valmer

Bartlett Tree Experts

The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades

3years in the Philadelphia Flower Show
Monroe County Career and Technical Institute

Letter of recommendation from Comte et Comtesse Sixte de la Rochefaucould-owners of Verteuil
SignatureMark Landscapes